Can Allergies Cause Loss Of Taste? Absolutely it cause

Can Allergies Cause Loss Of Taste? Absolutely it  cause

Can Allergies Cause Loss Of Taste? Yes Allergies can cause Loss of Taste. Spring and summer are on the way to go and the things which are kicking along with it are seasonal allergies.

Due to the season allergies, one can be easily affected sometimes by the loss of taste or smell. It is usually for a short time and also has a mild effect along with the outer symptoms including, running nose, sneezing, and more.

The loss of taste due to seasonal allergy is quite common. It might be due to many reasons and there are various treatments to make you feel at ease and regain your taste buds. Along with this, it is quite alarming when you lose your taste buds. But at this moment, it is necessary to stay calm and rather seek professional medical help.

There might be chances that if you are facing the same symptoms of seasonal allergies that were in the past and are quite similar to what you have experienced before, then there is no need to panic.

But when there is a complete loss of taste or smell without accompanying the other symptoms of cold, then this could be recognized by a symptom of COVID -19.

The early and the common occurring symptom of COVID-19 is the loss of smell and taste that is found in most of the people who are infected by the coronavirus.

If you are going through new symptoms like fever, shortness of breath, cough, then you should be more careful and consult your doctor for further examination whether you are infected by the COVID-19 or not.

Seasonal Allergies OR COVID – 19?

Can Allergies Cause Loss Of Taste

Seasonal allergies are the most common type of allergy. People affected with this type of allergy experience the same symptoms related to what they are allergic to. They usually come out at a certain time of the year, mostly in the spring, summer, or fall. It is confusing to differentiate as the loss of sense of smell or taste is the common elementary symptom of COVID -19.

It is quite alarming because as per the diagnosis about 78% of people who had been tested positive for COVID-19 have lost the sense of smell or taste. According to the study, the loss of smell or taste has been shown to be a good indicator of COVID -19. But can’t be ignored that the loss of smell in medical terms known as anosmia and the loss of taste known as ageusia can also be due to other issues including infection in the upper respiratory system or even allergies.

Prevailing the current scenario of COVID-19 it is not possible to keep ourselves calm as the main point that triggers in mind after losing the sense of taste is that you might be infected by a coronavirus. It is better to seek a professional certified allergist who can briefly look into the problem and find the accurate level of medication and treatment you need and especially suited for you.

Sometimes a loss of taste due to allergy can lead to further disease of temporary Ageusia. To avoid all these issues it is always good to seek the help of an allergist specialist as soon as you face these symptoms.

How Do We Taste Food.

It is a fact that 80% of our sense of taste is related to smell.

The taste receptors in the taste buds are responsible to access the food flavor.

The aroma of taste that we perceive is due to the contribution of both our sense of taste that we get from our taste buds as well as the sense of smell when we eat something. Our smell and taste nerves are stimulated and send signals to the brain. Our brain in return translates these signals and identifies what we are tasting.

Why Do Allergies Cause A  Loss Of Taste?

According to the study, when you are allergic to something and come in contact with it, the body’s immune system detects the allergen. It overreacts with it and makes antibodies called Immunoglobulin E. These antibodies further travel to your cells and release a chemical called histamines which is the probable cause of allergy symptoms like running of nose, cough,  watery eyes. 

Within the nose lining there lie nerves that are responsible to conduct the sense of smell to the brain. And when you are having an allergic reaction these nerves become inflamed and thus cut off the sense of smell. Thus, it is quite normal that if you are congested or have a stuffy nose, the ability to sense the smell is less often decreased along with a sense of taste.

When there is an inability in the sense of smell it will also decrease our perception of taste. This is because the taste sensation is being transmitted through the brain and this causes a  taste issue.

When we are having seasonal allergies or when we are sick,  our  nose is blocked with mucus. So, the tissue beneath the lining of the nose gets swollen and inflamed. This makes us unable to smell properly and as our sense of smell and taste are tied together we are not able to taste it properly.

And this is due to the fact where your sense of smell goes, the taste further follows along with it.  This is because the olfactory nerve of the nose controls both the function. When the inner lining of our nose gets inflamed it affects both the sense of smell and taste.

It is quite common that the inability to sense the smell also makes one lose the sense of taste.

But the normal sense of taste usually returns when the infection in the nose tract clear or passes.

Check if your  Loss of Taste Or Smell  is caused by Allergies Or  COVID-19

People suffering from allergies can also temporarily lose their ability to smell and taste. The symptoms are all the same and it is difficult to differentiate between the allergy and the COVID-19. This is a major concern nowadays as all the symptoms overlap each other and make it difficult for you to decide if it’s COVID- 19 or allergies.

It is important to consider whether the loss of taste and smell is due to allergies or due to the coronavirus infection. To differentiate between both of them you should consider the following points :

  • Firstly the loss of smell or taste is due to the allergies that come with nasal congestion. Whereas in the covid-19 case this loss of sense occurs all of a sudden and is not accompanied gradually back in a few days as in seasonal allergic cases.

If you have any history of allergic reaction then you will face the same symptom as your medical records and regain your ability to smell or taste as the symptoms go away.

  • Not to ignore if your loss of taste happens all of a sudden with other coronavirus symptoms notably fever. Then you should consult your physician as early as possible to undergo the detailed test of COVID-19.

In most of the COVID-19 cases,  the recovery patients can smell good but they have lost the sense of taste.