Is It Practicable, Can Allergies Make You Tired?

Is It Practicable, Can Allergies Make You Tired?

There are millions of people who live in discomfort and misery due to the allergies that they are facing these days. The allergy not only causes symptoms like a runny nose, sore throat, and watery or itchy eyes but also results in severe tired.

It is quite possible that the problem of allergy fatigue may vary from person to person. Some may feel a little bit sleepy while others might experience severe fatigue that they are not able to do their daily chores. Seasonal allergies can make you tired and also lead to drowsiness and lack of concentration in everyday tasks. This is due to the district night sleep that makes you feel tired all day and causes fatigue.

Allergy fatigue is due to the fact that your body’s immune system is working hard to fight the foreign invader or allergen. The same way as the body fights with the virus that enters your body and leaves you feeling drained. Some allergies make you restless and disturb your sleep at night due to aggressive allergic symptoms. This lack of sleep makes you feel tired and sleepy all day.

So,  Can allergies make you tired?  The answer is yes. Seasonal allergies can make you feel low and tired. This is due to the fact that the lack of sleep and regular nasal congestion gives out a hazy, tired, and fatigue feeling all day.

Why Do Allergies Make You Tired?

Can Allergies Make You Tired

When there is a change in weather conditions, seasonal allergies hit many people. The allergen that causes allergies are highly active and turn a lot of people’s bodies into watery or itchy eyes, running or stuffy nose, sneezing, and coughing.

It is quite possible that the changing months of summer and spring also bring restlessness and tiredness all around.

There are high chances that allergies can make you tired all day. Usually, those with allergies spend the night sneezing, coughing, and feeling congested. The people suffering from allergies get badly affected in their day time also. The immune system of the body works hard to fight the foreign invader or allergens.

The chemical released in the allergic reaction makes you feel tired and fatigued. Though the chemicals help to fight the allergens along with this it also makes your nasal tissue swell. The allergic reaction that takes place in the body worsens the quality of sleep. This further will go through trouble sleeping that results in fatigue as well as depression.

The Main Reasons That Are Responsible For  Allergy Fatigue.

  • Fatigue  caused due to the Allergy

When harmful substances enter the body, the body’s immune system indulges in a battle, assuming it is a virus or other germ. At this point an allergic reaction takes place. The immune system instructs the mast cell to produce antibodies and release them into the bloodstream. The category to which these antibodies belong is Immunoglobulin E . Furthermore, the immune system releases a hormone called histamine. Both the substances produce an inflammatory reaction in the body that makes you feel tired along with the various allergic symptoms.

  • Brain Fog Due to the Allergic Sinusitis

Brain fog is a stage when you may feel dazed and unable to think well. Though, brain fog is related to many health problems commonly Fibromyalgia. But it could also be due to the side effect of allergic sinusitis.  Allergic sinusitis is an allergic reaction that causes itchy eyes running or stuffy nose, sore throat that lasts for months. In addition to the inflammatory reaction that takes place, allergic sinusitis reduces the level of oxygen in the body. This is the main cause of the reduced mental efficiency and other cognitive functions that make you feel fatigued.

  • Wrong Medication can also make your sleep worse

When you are in desperate need to get rid of the unbearable allergy symptoms, you might take the help of over-the-counter medication like antihistamines.  These certain kinds of medicines not only cause drowsiness at night but also in the daytime.  Many people take over-the-counter medicines like antihistamines to suppress allergy symptoms. This is not the accurate solution for this allergy but indeed causes drowsiness in the body. Further, it adds to the fatigue and makes you feel tired all day.

  • Sleep Apnea and Allergy

If you are suffering from allergic sinusitis, it is quite normal you will breathe through the mouth. The reason is because of the stuffy nose. You can give your lungs the much-needed air but you may also create another condition of sleep apnea. In sleep apnea, you may have disturbed sleep all night. This can cause allergy fatigue.

The Various Ways To Overcome Allergy fatigue

  • Find Out the Allergens that Cause an Allergic reaction.

The first way to get rid of your fatigue is to root out the main cause of your allergy. For this, you should visit the doctor who is an Allergy specialist that would undergo some tests depending on your allergic symptoms.

An allergy test can help to identify the harmful substance or allergen that is the main cause of the allergic reaction.

The common allergy test is

Blood Test :

 A sample of your blood will be taken to find out the allergens responsible for the allergy. This test is also useful if you are taking medication and your doctor suspects that it is causing a severe allergic reaction in the body.

Skin Allergy Test

This test involves taking a small amount of allergen and exposing it to your skin. This test is quite accurate and you can get immediate results all alone in a single sitting.

Stop exposing yourself to allergens

Once you are detected which allergen is causing various allergic symptoms in the body you should reduce your exposure to allergens. Avoid going to the environmental places where you are prone to allergies.

Some ways to reduce the level of allergen that causes allergies


Regular vacuum and wipe down of the hard surfaces, carpets, and clothes to remove the allergens like dust mites.

Reduce the growth of mold

 Try best to reduce the humidity level in your home as mold grows in a humid environment. Regularly use cleaners that eliminate mold in the bathroom and damp areas.

Avoid drying clothes outside

Hanging the wet clothes outside to dry out easily attracts pollen and mold. This is the main cause of allergens that release allergic reactions in the body.

Close the windows

 Keeping the windows closed also helps to reduce the various outdoor allergens that easily enter the home.

Allergy Medication

Can Allergies Make You Tired

The effective way to manage and overcome seasonal allergies is to take antihistamine medicine. Though, this medication causes drowsiness and makes you feel tired. It is often said that many people still feel fatigued especially when they have not taken it at all.

Firstly,  It is advisable to take the anti-allergy dose in the evening rather than in the morning. It will reduce the drowsiness caused due to this medicine and make you feel more energetic and alert all day.

Secondly,  take the medicine regularly to reduce drowsiness caused by it. If you take the allergy medication for a longer period your body will easily adapt to the side effects caused by it.

Note: All the anti-allergy medications are not intended to take on daily use. It is advisable to talk to your doctor before starting any allergy dose that is fit for you.

  • Allergy Shots

According to the study, allergies usually go away if your body builds up a strong immune system. So in this process of allergy shots, a small number of allergens are exposed to your body to build up immunity over this. These shots are regulated that are specific to your allergies. Regularly getting allergy shots in the body can reduce the symptoms of allergies in the body.

Note: This practice of medication should be taken under the proper guidance of the Allergy specialist. The doctor would go under various tests and find out if it is right for you or not.

  • Consult the doctor

Sometimes after proper medication, the fatigue might not go away. It is quite possible that if you are thinking the fatigue is due to allergies but the rule cause might be due to some other reason. This includes iron deficiency, sleep apnea, or any other chronic disease. There are different causes of fatigue,  so you should consult your doctor to find out a potential cause and solution of allergy fatigue.

When to seek help from the doctor?

Allergies can make you tired and

The body’s fatigue usually goes away after a few days of home care treatment and over-the-counter medication.  If it does not, it is better to go for the doctor’s advice. The doctor can perform various allergy tests related to skin or a blood test. This will help to identify the root source of allergens that triggers the allergic reaction in the body. Once you are diagnosed with what triggers an allergic reaction in your body it is best to avoid those substances.

The doctor will also recommend you take some allergy medicines. The right medication will help you to overcome coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath. These are the probable causes of sleepless nights that further result in fatigue. The accurate allergy medicine will help you out to overcome these issues and have sound sleep. Lastly, the allergy specialists will surely help you out with the allergy-related fatigue issue and give you the best treatment to boost up your energy level.